Edgar Enoch III

He was a tool in life, so he became an eternal tool.


Edgar Enoch III
Level 3 Wondrous Item
Property: Constantly illuminates a close burst 5 (11×11 square centered on Edgar’s space). Edgar occupies a single space and autonomously hovers 6 feet above the ground. He can be moved by his owner as a free action. His light cannot be extinguished.


Edgar Enoch III is a sentient, floating, golden lantern. Once a pompous noble dandy, Edgar was cursed by a spurned lover to inhabit the shell of an old-fashioned whale oil lantern. He was then attached to a master and required to do his bidding – but unfortunately, Edgar still had the ability to complain about it. His spirit serves as the eternal flame to guide adventures who are willing to tolerate his irritating voice.

“Oi, bitches!”

Edgar Enoch III

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